Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black and White

My garage sale was a HUGE success! Better than I ever dreamed it could be! My sis and I had it at her house and we figured we would be packed up by 2 - NOPE! We had a steady stream until after 4!!! She gets to buy a new pair of shoes and I get to do sooo much more than I imagined!!

I wish I had taken a picture of my living room the week before. I had 4 long banquet tables, a card table and a short banquet table set up in my living room. Stuff on top of the tables as well as below. Several friends came by to "pre-shop" and it's nice to know that the things I loved and treasured have gone to a dear friends house to be loved and treasured! And hopefully used!! Everyone wondered where it all was in my house; at one time, about half of it was in my old stamp room and the other half in the garage. When I moved out for baby, I got only half a room so it all went in the garage. It feels really good to be rid of clutter. I am such a clutter queen!! I'm not sure why, because when it gets really bad, it drives me nuts and I can't think or function. Oh well. I decided that if I hadn't looked at it in over a year (and some of it longer than that) then I was going to get rid of it. I sold tons and still had tons left. Dropped most of it off at the Goodwill; brought some of the most expensive items home to donate elsewhere. I'm thinking a school or some other organization that I think would really benefit and love to have some craft items, but would never have money in their budget to purchase these items.

What kind of garage-saler are you? Are you a bargainer or do you just pay the price listed? Are you happy with a fair price or do you just want a "steal"? I'm the pay the price, happy with a fair price kinda gal. I will sometimes ask if they would go any lower, but that's usually just on furniture items. Hubby got irked at me b/c a guy wanted to buy my Mr. Ice Tea Maker w/2 pitchers for $2. I had it marked $4 which my mom thought was a steal! But we hardly used that appliance and it was in really good shape. One thing I realized is that the things that meant a lot to me, I priced higher than the things that I wasn't attached to.

I had several cards out on display with a spot to sign up for invites to classes and such. What a delight to have several people comment on them - I even had a few that did give me their address. So that was awesome!! I also had some lia sophia jewelry on display and got a few leads for gals interested in hosting a show there. All in all, a great day in the driveway!!

WOW! It's been so long since I posted that I had to think for a minute on what to do!

This is one of the cards that we did at my first card class. It uses the Fresh Cuts stamp set. I loved this card and used it as my inspiration! Pretty basic construction! All supplies are SU except for the ribbon and the black rhinestone!


Elaine said...

Classic and beautiful! Very nice layout.

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Very beautiful, it's a stunning card Cassie. I love the elegance of the black and white. :)

Heather said...

Wow this is beautiful. I haven't done a black & white card before. I may have to try it.

Lynn said...

Very crisp and elegant looking card...just beautiful!