Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Grandma's a Ninja by Todd Tarpley, A Review

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Book Description

When Ethan’s grandma suggests they take a zip line to school, Ethan realizes that his grandma is a little different. In fact, she’s a ninja! Ethan is soon the hit of the school when his grandma drops from the ceiling at show-and-tell, and teaches the kids karate moves and how to do backflips in slow motion. But when his grandma deflates his team’s soccer ball, everyone is upset—including Ethan. Why can’t he just have a regular grandma? But when Ethan tries out his new karate movesduring the championship game . . . he’s happy that his grandma isn’t ordinary.


I received an eARC copy of this book from the publisher. Here is my honest review.

Fun read for young students, especially boys.  My son and I read it and even though he is thoroughly into reading chapter books these days, he enjoyed the book and the elements of fantasy found in the book - what boy wouldn't think it was awesome for their grandma to be a ninja? Engaging illustrations are a bonus!

I gave this book: 

★ = I did not like it     ★ = It was okay     ★ = I liked it    

★ = I really liked it     ★ = I loved it

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick Book Reviews

I just have a few quick reviews to share with you today from my pile of books I've been sent by publishers.

The Fairy Tale Bride
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Review: The plot was interesting but the character development was pretty shallow and I found most of them to be annoying.  There were several four star reviews for this book on Goodreads so you should check those out as it seems other readers have a completely  different response.

My First - Jason & Katie (Crossroads, #1)

Source: Purchased - you can pick it up for free at Amazon (but I don't recommend it)
Review: I honestly could not remember anything about this book when I pulled up my list of books I needed to review.  I gave it two stars on Goodreads and I tend to rate books eve if I don't have time to write a review.  This is another book that had a good number of favorable reviews. 

A Bride in the Bargain
Source: Purchased
Review: I enjoyed this story; while I could never imagine myself in an arranged marriage situation, I enjoy those plot setups.  I think it is the finding unexpected love in less than perfect situations.  Strong heroine, secondary characters that added to the story and a believable story arc made this an enjoyable read. 

Source: Purchased
Review: I couldn't remember details from this story either but I gave it three stars so it must have been at least enjoyable as that is the rating I give to romance books that I liked, they weren't horrible but I didn't love them.  I definitely think this is a book that you should check out other reviews for.