Wednesday, August 27, 2008


First, let me just say that I have clutched your kind comments from my post earlier this week to my heart!! So super sweet and it's nice to know that ya'll are glad I posted again!! Thanks so much for letting me share with you and for checking in here on what I've been up to!! I feel so incredibly lucky to have blogging friends!!
Second, Danyelle directed me to her blog (Hangnailz n' Papercutz) - where she rained some love down on my blog --- when I saw that - I was speechless! with a HUGE grin on my face!! It means the world to me Danyelle - so thank you from the bottom of my heart. And while you're there - be sure to check out her Aug 25, 2008 post: I love her background!!

I definitely need to share this - there are SOOO many blogs that I enjoy reading; although my new items are over 1,000 and have been for weeks. I could mark them all read and start fresh, but they are in my reader for a reason - and I don't want to miss a thing!! (sure, you can sing it with some Aerosmith attitude). Here's a few blogs that I love: certainly not a complete list, honestly, not even a dimple in the list but ones that I enjoy none the less - and maybe a new one for you to discover as well!
CakeWrecks - I just found this one today - hilarious. Not stamping related at all, but if you love sarcasm, you like to laugh and you enjoy cake - it's worth the trip!!
Stamps, Paper and Ink - Cindy has a beautiful blog! I am in awe every day of the art she posts on her blog. I also love it because it is a SU focused blog!
PagePlans - a sketch challenge blog. Even though I haven't had a chance to play every week in quite some time, I still love to go check it out!! They have great sketches and a wonderful design team!! And they are starting the search for a new design team very soon. I tried out last time and didn't make the cut - but that is okay! I'll try again this time and hope that you'll join me!!
OLW - another non-stamping blog --- but it's scrapping, so that's close, right? (says the stamper who is not a scrapper, yet wants to be......but isn't really one yet, b/c honestly......they are worlds apart - for me at least!) So, if I'm not a scrapper, why do I love this blog? 2 reasons: ONE: I would like to be a scrapper - esp. one that looks at the bigger picture and not just "today was a holiday" kind. My goal is to start and work back through all the one little words. TWO: thought-provoking posts!!! They always make me think, always make me feel. And looking at how other women are thinking and feeling, I feel not-so-alone in this world.
oh my. I could keep going and going and going, but I'm going to stop and go sneak a bite of brownie as I start dinner. That's the thing with blogland - you keep discovering new wonderful blogs and in a perfect world, the vacuum would run itself, the bathroom would never be dirty and I would just speak the words "fettucine alfredo, ceasar salad, grilled chicken, cheesecake" in front of an appliance resembling my microwave and 30 minutes later, a ding and dinner would be done! I tried it last night and it didn't work.
Have a beautiful evening!!

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