Friday, December 19, 2008

I Can't Stop Smiling

I wanted to share with you one of the cards I made with my sister and some other friends a few weeks ago. I picked up the peach element in the dollar section at JoAnn's back in October. It is completely covered in glitter. I know it looks shiny and smooth in the photo, but it's just raw, chunky, sparkly glitter. I was looking at the peace (pun intended) I thought about one of my favorite card artists and how she had been layering buttons on her cards. I wanted to achieve the same thing and have a card with some pretty stuff on it but nothing that would detract from the message.

Peace is what I hope you find in the coming days as Christmas quickly approaches. Peace is what I hope you find in the new year and all throughout 2009.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog. Your visits and your sweet comments make my day!

And finally, I wanted to share with you why I have been grinning and floating for the past 2 days. First, a major goal of mine was realized this week. I had a card picked up for publication - this has just rocked my world!!! I am so excited and honestly, still in shock....I didn't expect to be able to say that I had met this goal this year. Granted it won't be out for months and months but still - I got the acceptance this year! Anyway, I knew you would understand my joy.

Another reason I'm floating this week is because I have been honored to be included as part of the Twinkle Team (more info here). I am so excited to be a part of this. In case you aren't familiar with this brand new sketch challenge, here's some info. Jessica, The Whimsical Butterfly is a fellow DT member for Pink Papery Studios. I have really enjoyed getting to know her over the last month. Her daughter sits near her and doodles and sketches while Jessica stamps (how cool is that?). Earlier this week, she created a card sketch for her mom to use; the sketch's will continue every Tuesday. I'm so excited about this because I love kids being interested in any artistic endeavor, be in drawing, painting, sculpting, whatever. My grandma was very talented and her home was filled with paintings that she did. I was always in awe of her ability. Now, I can't really draw much beyond a doodle and I grew up thinking that I wasn't any good at art and didn't have any creativity. My only claim to fame was my excellent penmanship (which completely got destroyed in college - why couldn't they have had laptops back then). It wasn't until I was a newlywed that I discovered stamping and it was like all this creativity just gushed out of me, as if a dam had been broken. I am so thankful to have the skills and talent that God has given me, thankful for the resources that I've been blessed with to continue to develop them, thankful for the friendships that have blessed my life as a result of stamping. There are times when I wish that I had known as a child that I had an artist inside me, that she had been freed years ago. And that's why I love it when kids get excited about creating - anything - stuff - whatever it is.

Anyway, this has gotten to be incredibly long and if you've stuck with me this long, then thank you. And know that you bless me everyday - and I hope to do the same for you!

Have a beautiful day!!


Kimmie0270 said...

What magazine are you going to be in Cassie? And when is est. publication - I wanna make sure that I pick up a copy. I might even send it your way so it'll be signed too ;)

I can't wait to work with you on the Twinkling team too...

Danni said...

Great card and how fun to be published. Be sure to let us know when it's out!
Looking forward to working with ya on the Twinkling Team!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love this long card with the glittery Peace!! Big time congrats on the publication!!! The Twinkle Team will be a lot fun!!
hugs, Jami

the whimsical butterfly said...

Love your post and SO glad to have you on the Twinkle team ;) Just the name makes me smile...and yes, I agree. Seeing kids share their talent is the BEST! Thanks for getting on board w/ this....I'm really looking forward to sharing in all the fun. Your Peace card is just GORGEOUS!!!

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