Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: My Stamp Desk

Hi everyone! It's late but it's still Thursday here. As I was visiting our Cuttlebug Challenge participants I saw this meme on one of the girls blog and thought it was pretty cool. So I'm giving it a whirl too. Apparently, you just list 13 of any topic. Click the logo up top to go to the official page for more details and to view other lists.
Since I just finished a project, I'll list 13 items still out on my stamp desk:
1. My Fisk-a-teers scissors - gosh I love these things!
2. My clear centering ruler
3. My camera
4. Bag of buttons
5. StazOn Cleaner
6. Black & White Polka Dotted Ribbon (I just love that stuff so much I thought it deserved caps)
7. Paper scraps from my Twinkling Tuesday card this week.
8. Kleenex
9. Adhesive
10. green embroidery floss
11. black ink pad
12. Pomegranate Sprite
13. Mini Cutting Mat


Nancy said...

Pomegranate tell!!!! And, I have way more than 13 things still left on my desk!!

Tricia said...

oooh yum, love that sprite but oh so hard to find!

Shanna said...

I just scrolled through your blog, and gosh, your cards are amazing - and inspiring. It makes me want to be crafty.

Heather said...

Hi Cassie,

I loved your 13 things I see these things on lots of blogs!!!

Fun to read!!!

I will mail you that Flutter By Card if you give me a couple of days to secure the ribbons on it so they do not come out!!!

Also Jess asked for it too so you are very special!!!

LUV Ya Cassie!!!


Shannon said...

Fun stuff to play with!!! You've been tagged on my blog....

JennK said...

Haven't tried pomegranate sprite....never even seen it..hmmm

Also......TAG you are it!!! I tagged you on my blog

Janna said...

Isn't this fun! I will definitly have to try it out! How similar the things our on our desks! LOL!