Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introducing Kyah!

Kyah is the daughter of one of my good stamping friends Jacquie, you know, the JavaBluStamper!
Today Kyah launched her very own blog to share her creations. She loves to create with her mom and I know that it's a special time for them. I actually happen to own a Kyah Original. I know I shouldn't brag, but I couldn't resist!

I love it when kids like to be creative and use the creative, artistic part of their brain!

Head over to Kyah's blog and see her very first post --- she also has a giveaway to celebrate her launch!

Then visit her mom's blog as she has a giveaway too. Jacquie is one of the most sharing people I know!!


Kristine B. said...

That's awesome! :) I'm in totall support of all young girls wanting to blog (with mom's help of course) ;P I just left Kyah a comment and will post the candy in the morning. Thanks Cassie!!

And thanks also for stopping by my blog today and leaving some luv :) Sooo sweet of you! I still can't believe we lost you from the Inky Team :( Hope all is well. Have a wonderful week.

Jacquie said...

WOW!! Cass!! Thanks SO much for your AWESOME kindness!!! Kyah is in bed right now, but, she will be SO excited to read your post!! Thank you SO much for your support!! You are a FABULOUS friend!! Reading your post was SO exciting for me!! It really meant a LOT!! Ok, ok......I will stop being all sappy!! Thanks again Cass!!!

Take care girl!!!