Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Petite Inspiration Box Spring Swap

Heather @ Speckled Egg hosted another Petite Inspiration Box swap with a Spring theme and I was blessed to be paired with two sweet girls. First I'll share the items I swapped with Jessica @ Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping

The theme was Spring and I grabbed some moss in a sheet and planned to do flowers and birds for the outside of my boxes. But then --- I ended up going in a completely different direction! I was wandering through a Wal-Mart and spied some strawberry labels with the canning supplies. I knew that Jessica liked strawberries because she told me so and I also knew that she has a serious obsession* for labels.
* her word, not mine.

And since I love the arrival of Spring Strawberries in the Supermarket I figured that would work as a theme!  I found a bag of trims at the local thrift store. I bought the whole bag just for some pink ball trim for this swap. Both my partners received some but you'll have to spy a glimpse in Lisa's photos tomorrow. Also in the bag was the big aqua bow. Totally cool. I wanted to keep it for myself. And then I found that enameled pink and tied it all on with some pink tulle so that Jessica could salvage then and use them on other projects if she wanted.

Jessica is a Button Floozy and so I was digging around in my button box and found that weird looking thing on the left. But I wondered what would happen if I painted it? Would it look like a strawberry?

A little? Right? And some more buttons and such that I included for her. See that one in the middle. I saw a strawberry button on etsy but couldn't make myself pay that much for a button. So imagine my glee when I saw that one in my button box one day. It was a little present from God and I got totally giddy. I left the patina on it as Jessica is a Button Floozy and would know (1) if it should stay or go and (2) how to make it go if she wanted far better than I. See that sparkly one in the lower right? What a saga to get that little bit. I found them on ebay and there were several in there and the price was a steal. So I nabbed them so that I could put one in Jessica's box and one in Lorraine's Things with Wings box (later post). Then I noticed they were coming from Hong Kong. They took soooo long to get here. I held off Lorraine's box waiting for them -- and then finally sent it without it. They finally arrived just as I was ready to send this box off. Talk about bad timing!

You can see the labels that started this box in the center. I also included some vintage papers in both boxes, rolled up with some vintage pink ribbon. I made sure that Jessica got dictionary pages for "berry" in her pack.

I also was paired with Lisa from Happily Scrappin' Today. Oh I had such a fun, FUN time putting her box together too! I went reading through her blog and found pictures of her scrap space. She told me she liked pink and dress forms --- and her space really showed that!

Why does Blogger do that? I used some vintage flowers and a miniature dress form to decorate Lisa's box. I thought that would fit in the box --- but it was a little tall. I also decided to paint and shabby chic the dress form up too. I layered lots of paint on it and finally achieved a look I was happy with! I sure hope Lisa loved it too!

I used a vintage hankie to wrap up the goodies in each box.

I knew that Lisa liked milk glass and angels. I couldn't pass up that little milk glass sugar bowl. Again, I thought it would fit in the matchbox and again, I was a little off on estimating my sizes. I found the pom-pom trim at the thrift store in a bag of trims. There was the pink stuff, some very cool brown embroidered ribbon, odds and ends and a really weird yellow yarn octopus. The little aqua envelope is a "zipper helper". It is marked Blackburns on the back which is a department store that we used to have here years and years ago. Often times I'll see hat boxes and such with Blackburns on it at estate sales in the area.

I can't wait for you to see what I received from Jessica and Lisa. They are both vintage and awesome and completely me!

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