Saturday, September 27, 2008

And a little more....

....stuff you didn't know about me. Yep, I got tagged again!! This time by Lorelie over at My Paper Adventures. She is also on the Simply Sista's Card Scents DT!!

So here goes:

1. One of my best friends from college used to call me Casserole; I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it had something to do with the Green Chili Casserole that I would make. If you read back far enough, I think you'll know that I reference this as my all-time comfort food.

2. I have never colored my hair. (Unless you want to count the time I accidentally dyed it green during a high school chemistry lab. Not my whole head, just a lock of hair.)

3. I can totally get into a reality show on Bravo - my favorite, Project Runway followed by Top Chef - but can't seem to get into any of the ones on network tv. Especially Survivor. Or The Bachelor.

4. There is a mint chocolate Ghirardelli square sitting here by my monitor. It's been here for months. I love Thin Mint cookies by the Girl Scouts and mint chocolate chip ice cream, but that's it. I think this was from a baby shower favor. It seems like such a waste to throw away good chocolate, but apparently, it's never gonna get eaten around here. (Yep, I threw it away).

5. I had a wedge salad for lunch today. YUMMY!! So simple but so good!! I really need to just make them myself instead of buying them off the salad bar to bring home.

6. Cocoa Krispies were my favorite cereal growing up. It was mostly the generic brand in our house but hey, it's the same thing. My brother could chow down on some cereal let me tell you. I rarely ate breakfast, but occasionally Mom would let us pick out whatever we wanted and that's what I always picked. Then I'd get annoyed because he ate it in like 2 days before I even got a bowl.

7. I would love to learn to play tennis.

That's it for me this time!! I hope you enjoyed it!! Should you decide that you want to play, here are the rules!! And be sure to let me know so I can come catch a glimpse into your life!!

Tagging Game Rules:
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My Paper Adventures said...

Cassie! Thanks so much for playing along..such a fun way to get to know some blogging friends! About chocolates...they don't last very long if they're around me!! So when I read you threw away that mint chocolate I almost lost it! LOL!

Bunny Cates said...

Just stoppin by to say HI! and thanks for hitting my blog!

The new Mrs. Dyer said...

cassie, you commented on my cupcake ribbon its called sweet treat ribbon and i got it at michaels it looks like one of their store brands.hope that helps