Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chocolate Cures Everything!

Hey girls! I hope it's beautiful where you are today; the weather here has been just wonderful for the past few days!

Several years ago when I was teaching, we were at lunch one day and the discussion turned to chocolate and how much we loved it and what a great pick-me-up it was. Teaching 9th graders was a joy for the most part but definitely challenging!! LOL!! I still laugh when I think of that day! All women but one man - an older guy who loved to laugh and tell jokes and give us all a hard time. Phenomenal math teacher as well. Anyway, he was sitting quietly working and we were all talking and he got sooooo red b/c one of the gals mentioned that chocolate was a great aphrodisiac. And then when she noticed he was embarrassed she really exaggerated it. Oh, he tormented us every day so it was nice to be able to turn the tables for once!!

Anyway, I received 2 new Anyas in the mail on Friday and was anxious to get the sketch challenge that Marie has posted on The Greeting Farm blog done. It's a wonderful sketch and I know I'll use it again.
I made a get well card and knew that I was going to include some chocolate in the card for the recipient. I remembered that day at school and decided to look up the other health benefits of chocolate. I found links that said it was a good remedy for a cough (I'll try that next time I have one) and various other things. It's a well known fact in lots of my gal pals that dark chocolate is good for you. But I also found two cute signs regarding chocolate as well and had to share them. They are from the Olive Barn and there are lots of cute things over there!!

Since I knew my card was going to include chocolate I wanted to use brown in my color scheme. I thought about using pink and making Nurse Anya a candy-stripper. But then I found an awesome sheet of red label print paper. It reminded me slightly of vintage labels and I'm passing it off as a medicine label! I paper pieced her dress and hat and used copics for the coloring. She's a great nurse as she knows that chocolate milk and a big chocolate truffle are sure to make her patient feel better!
Thanks for stopping by today! I so appreciate it girl! I have a long list of stamping I want to get done today so be sure to check back - I don't know if I'll upload them all immediately or if I'll spread them out over the week. Plus a present to finish for my mom's birthday! Have a beautiful day, okay?


Jacquie said...

OMGosh!! Cassie, this is TOO AWESOME for words!! What an AMAZING card and I love the chocaids instead of bandaids!! Everything about that card is PERFECT!! It all goes together JUST right!! The paper piecing is THE BEST!! I have been working on that myself!! Sometimes it works for me and....well....sometimes it does NOT!!! Haha! SO worked for you!!! I can't wait to see what else you make!! Take care girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi CAssie...`Thanks for visiting my blog:)
Your card is `gorgeous is your Blog..TFS
Oh how I love chocholate...Must just remember not to eat too much of it!!!
Have a lovely Monday:)~X~

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Brilliant!! I love chocolate and anything associated with it - except for the calories of course! But I heard if you eat it fast - less calories......oh ya! Love this Anya and love your paper piecing!

Janna said...

First off, I didn't know you taught ninth grade!!! wow! What a small world! That must have been a lot of fun and i love your story about the teacher's lounge. I really miss those days! second of all, this is amazing!!!!!!! Wow! I love the chocolate themed nurse and the papers and paper piecing are fantastic!!! Your really rocked this sketch and I am so casing it! I just love the idea!!!

Lots of smiles,

Heather said...

Oh My Word Cassie!!!

This is amazing!!! The whole idea!!! Hmmmm Must be a DT application piece???

I love this whole idea and all the thought you put into it and that nurse is adorable in red polka dots!!!

I love love love this Cassie!!!

Now Nurse Anya as a Candy Stiper I may just have to give that one a case!!!!

Love it Cassie!!!

It has been great weather her too!!!

We have only had 2 snows this winter which is crazy!!! 1 before Christmas and 1 after but it was so so so increadibly cold my kids never got out their new Snow Clothes they got for Christmas!!!

Finally the one year my kids finally have snow boots and shoes and it has not snowed!!!

Bummer for them!!!


jami {sgtStamper} said...

How darling!!! Nurse Anya looks fabulous in her polka-dot paper-pieced uniform!!! And if they would give me chocolate, I might actually go to the doctors when I'm sick! LOL!! Of course, there would probably be a long line ahead of me!
I hope you have a beautiful day sweet friend!

Kimmie0270 said...

I agree about Chocolate. And that Anya is adorable... What state do you live in again? I might be driving out there to raid your stamps ;)

the whimsical butterfly said...

This is TOO cute!!! I LOVE it!

Suzann Soliz said...

sooo cute, as always. where can i pick up some of these cute stamps??
loved seeing u at lunch today!

Cathy said...

This is so adorable. I love it!! Very cute!!

Kristie said...

This is so cute! Anya is adorable as a chocoholic.