Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello my friends!

I know it's Tuesday and you've probably been sitting on the edge of your seats all day waiting for my Twinkling Tuesday card to appear. Ha!! It's my blog ---- I can have my fantasy!! LOL!!

I don't have it. Again. Silly because this week's sketch was SUPER!!! It's suuuuuuch a good sketch and as soon as I got it I had several ideas of what I wanted to do. I finally decided last night and had a few spare moments to work on it today. Some of the attempts are in the trash can. The others are scattered on my desk, hoping to be salvaged before they too meet that big round can. Or rounded rectangle can.

And, I doubt that it'll appear anywhere close to this blog in the foreseeable future. I just deleted all the stuff I typed b/c it sounded like whining and I can't stand whining. I won't let the little man get away with it so I won't let me either!!

I do hope you've checked out the rest of the team - links are over there - I'd grab them for you but I'm sooo super tired. And I think all the headaches I've been having lately might have something to do with not getting enough sleep. I've made it through about half the list so far and they are of course, FANTASTIC!!! Janna is the featured Twinkie this week so be sure and stop by her blog - her Hanna card is aaaamazing!!

Thanks for dropping by - at least my Wednesday post has been scheduled all week or there would be nothing to share with you!!!

ETA: The whole reason I even got on here was to post about the incredible stampavie giveaway that Jessica has on her blog. I'd love to win it but I have to let you know about it too! So GO TO THIS POST and see how you can win too - but do it quick b/c time's almost up!!


jami {sgtStamper} said... crack me up!!! I bet every thing you threw in the garbage was nothing less than marvelous!! Go to bed....hope your headache goes away!! {{hugs}}

Jacquie said...

Hey....stuff happens right?? I bet that it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hey...there is always next week, right?? Look at me...I am late visiting!!! HAha!! Can't wait to see what you create next week!!! You are so talented lady!!! Hope you are well!! Take care!

Janna said...

Cassie, I hate when that happens. Sometimes you just get road block on sketches. It happens to me all the time. and it seems like the simplier/easier the sketches are the more difficult it is for me to come up with something. Which totally doesn't make sense! Thanks so much for the compliment! You are such a sweetie to me!