Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Could Live Without

Last week my list consisted of 13 things I wouldn't want to live without (here). So I thought this week I would list 13 things I COULD live without!

1. junk email

2. spiders

3. yellow squash

4. commercials

5. cable tv

6. daylight savings

7. propaganda

8. new stamps

9. paper!

10. runny noses

11. excessive taxes

12. rising gas prices

13. slow drivers

Wow. This list isn't near as interesting as I originally thought it would be. Either there is not much I could live without or I have a really bad memory at all the things I worked on in my head all week!

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Jen said...

Fun list. I'm with you on 12/13--I love yellow squash. I'm not a freak, though! :) Happy TT.

Sarah C. said...

Great list! I see many similarities on there - especially junk mail & commercials. Ugh. What time wasters! Mine is up here. Happy TT! :)

Sue said...

Great list. I could live without spiders and junk mail especially.

I laughed at your last paragraph. I know what you mean, I think of all kinds of great ideas that I then forget.

Happy TT!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Ill take your squash said...

I was going to call all your squash but Marcia beat me to it!

Jeanette - said...

But what fun would it be to live without new stamps or paper :) Fun list Cassie :)

colleen said...

I couldn't live without paper and stamps but I could live without stamp prices going up every year or so.