Monday, November 9, 2009

Icy Snowflake Card

Hi everyone! I have a card up over at Cuttlebug Challenge today. It's Quick, Clean and Simple. Three things that are perfect as the holiday season is winding up! I'd love for you to swing by and have a look at it!!

Thanks so much!! Have a beautiful day!!


Lelia said...

It's absolutely beautiful, Cassie! And here I thought the instructions would be a mile long after seeing that snowflake! I didn't realize it was an ornament!


Kristine said...

Oh Cassie... that is sooo SNOW PRETTY!! :) heehee. Really love it! I was going to read to see waht you used for the blue glistening glitter stuff on the snowflakes, HA! Ok, I'm heading to my dollar tree tomorrow--I'm SURE I can find some real gems if I open my mind a little! :) THANKS for the inspiration! Your card was so elegant-looking!