Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Library Challenge: Goals


Even though I read year-round, there is just something about summer reading that is extra special. I'm pretty sure it is deeply rooted in the summer reading program my local library has sponsored for decades. I remember looking forward to signing up and coloring in each day (or book) that I read. My mom would usually look at the stack of books I carried to the counter with disbelief; as long as I could carry them, I could check them out.

This challenge runs June 1 - July 31 and as long as the library relates in some way....anything goes!

We (DS and I) signed up on the first day for our local libraries reading program this year and came home with a stack of books. For this challenge, my goals are:

1. Read a library recommendation from each genre they list On the Shelves on the webpage.
2. Attend three of the summer events that tie in to this summer's program.
3. Visit each library at least once to check books out.
4. Visit the library every week.
5. Complete each challenge posted.

Pretty simple goals but the first one is definitely a new endeavor for me.

How do you approach summer reading? You can join in this challenge by visiting this link at The Book Monsters.

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Kristen said...

I love all of your goals! I really need to find a program to attend this summer at the library. I'm really bad at looking into what they have going on. Thanks for joining us!