Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Denise asked a question about my cards posted on Jan 14:
"Pretty cards, love the flowers and beads. Did you dye the flowers or did they come in those colors? I just got the pretties kit from SU! and I tried dying some, but not sure I like them. Thanks for sharing your cards. :)"

The flowers actually came in that color. I got them from either HSN or QVC a long time ago. I've never dyed flowers so I have no advice to give.

I have a question - actually 2 questions for ya'll.

1. I just discovered Google Reader - very nice but some of the blogs do not show the pictures in reader (which kinda defeats the purpose of using reader). Anybody know why that happens?

2. In Google Reader - how do you comment on a post. So far, I've been opening the blog in another window, but that seems to add time and again - seems to defeat the purpose of the reader in my mind.

Have a great day! It is really, really cold here today. I've got to go finish getting ready and meet my upline for coffee to plan our big rally next month. Oh - I don't want to go out in the cold!!! It's a good thing I don't live up north - I don't know how you gals do it!!

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Maren said...

I don't know anything about google reader....perhaps I should!! :-) I hope you guys got lots planned at your meeting!