Friday, May 16, 2008

Did you Hear it??

The big "c" word that uttered from my mouth?? I was trying to be all SuperBloggerGirl and get a post ready to just magically appear later this weekend when I HIT THE WRONG BUTTON! I think I managed to get it deleted before anyone saw it - but geesh! Guess I'll hold off on having a custom superhero costume made.

Why was I trying to be prepared - well, this weekend will be busy (aren't they all?) but I really want to make some cool gifts for the teachers at my son's Mother's Day Out. Next week is the last week before summer so I've got to get on the ball with that. Plus I have 2 retirement gifts I want to make - actually need to make 4 total, so I guess doing them all at once is best. And I need to work on another project that I can't really elaborate on too much here just yet. And that doesn't factor in the laundry and grocery shopping that I need to do. So I'm going to force myself to stay away from blogger until I get them done!

Or at least until Monday!!

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