Friday, May 23, 2008

That Week

This week has been "that" week. I have just been in an icky funk all week long. I have been working on some things - a project, sorting some things in my craft room - did I tell ya'll that I decided to move some things around? - that's created havoc in there, let me tell you. And a whole lot of sitting in my chair, staring at my stamps.

I did get on to share my swap from the MFT swap over on SCS. I had my original photos on my EHD that is still dead so I had to take new photos, and I just haven't really been motivated to do that until this morning. All of the ATCs in this swap were phenomenal!! They are sitting here right by my computer in their little baggie. Every morning I start reading my email while D. eats his breakfast. Most mornings he finishes before I do so then he joins me here on the computer. And he always grabs this bag and wants to look at them. So they have brought us much joy in the few weeks that we've had them. He does get frustrated though because I won't let him "hold them, hold them". I don't want them to get bent - ya'll understand right?

I was a little worried about the umbrella being over the edges, but then decided if it's okay in a card, it should be okay in an ATC too! And if I had need of an umbrella in my life, I would definitely have a scarf tied around the handle. Oh - and what fun it would be to have polka dotted rain galoshes (is that what they are called?) But alas, rain is scarce around here - and when it does rain, it's usually pretty quick so I just wait it out. Or run quickly --- it's not like I'll get soaked!
I guess that's why I like this set so much - I can carry out my polka-dotted, fancy umbrella dreams through this girl.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back on Sunday with my last card as guest designer for the PagePlans sketch blog.


Erin... said...

what an adorable ATC. those are snazzy galoshes? :)

Teresa said...

Very cute!

Lynn said...

Just adorable!

~Denise Lynn~ said...

SUPER cute! That umbrella is awesome, what an adorable image too. This is a fab ATC! :)