Monday, June 23, 2008


Croppinsville is a new stamping resource! Allie has a brick-and-mortar store in Collinsville Oklahoma and also a web store - which is now up and open!! I am so blessed that she asked me to be one of her bloggers. For the last month or so, exciting things have been going on "behind the scenes" to bring you a MUST READ BLOG!! The Hometown Bloggers have tons of stuff planned to inspire you. I hope that you'll blurf over there and either subscribe through FeedBlitz or add the blog to your reader. You won't want to miss a day of the fun!

Today, Jen posted:
This week, tell me what 5 crafting tools that you wouldn't want to live without.

So here's mine:

1. Adhesive! Without it, nothing sticks. And I want a wide variety to choose from!!

2. Stampin Up Mat Pack! I just got this recently and I want to pierce everything!!
It's so easy with the guide. I can't believe I waited so long to order it!!

3. Stamp-A-Ma-Jig! I've stamped for 8 years and always thought this was a "fluff"
tool. It wasn't necessary and was just one of those things
someone came up with to get you to spend more money. However, I
get frustrated when things aren't placed "just so". So I ordered
one and I'm in love!! I really should move this to the top spot
since I have no intention of it ever leaving my desktop!!

ACK!! I keep listing embellishments and have to delete them b/c they aren't a tool!! Silly me!

4. Crop-A-Dile! This was another tool that I thought was completely unnecessary. I
mean, I have 3 anywhere hole punches and a Japanese Screw Punch that
was supposed to be the ultimate. But I used one of these at a Karen
Russell class on some chipboard and it was so EFFORTLESS!! I
immediately fell in love and was thrilled when my MIL bought me one
for Christmas - not so thrilled that she bought it in front of me
several months BEFORE Christmas and made me wait though!

5. Craft Knife! I think this is a basic tool that has so many uses. Of course it cuts paper and can do fine detail work, but it's also a great glue dot applicator and package opener. I have tons of the standard skinny metal handle ones but I love the ones that are out now that are comfortable to use - you know the ones, with the rubber grips and the thicker barrels.

I'd love to hear all about your 5 MUST HAVE tools!! I'm sure you'll clue me in to a few that I don't have - and that I MUST!!!


Jen said...

Thanks for doing the challenge Cassie! Look for a future blog challenge to list those fave embellishments. ;)

Lesli said...

Those are definitely some things I couldn't live without either!

suzann soliz said...

Ok Cassie_ Here are my must haves:
A bone folder and my paper tagger.
I love paper flowers but hate using a ton of brads, so my paper tagger works great for attaching those super cute flowers.

Katie Skiff said...

I have to have my trimmer, adhesive, mat pack and piercer, scissors, and lately I've been using my CM custom cutting system again more.

Elaine said...

I would add punches to your list. I love all my circle punches, scallop punches, star punches, you name the punch, I LOVE it!