Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping Flags

Conference was this week and I found these really cool notebooks at JoAnn's in their dollar section that were pink and black and said BLING on the front. Before I went to deliver them, I remembered that my friend Suzann had given me these really cool post-it flags for marking my catalog. So I ran out to WalMart and bought a whole bunch. Isn't it agonizing to get a catalog and want to mark it up, but you don't want to do that until you have others to give away?!? It is for me so I thought this would be the perfect way to flag all the pieces they fell in love with and keep their catalog pristine. I paperpieced one of the shopping bags and sentiment from a MFT set.

I'm sorry this photo is so rotten, I had to snap it late at night with the glare from the kitchen, but hopefully you get the idea. I wished I had taken a photo of the whole package with the notebook and the glittery pen they got. One of my girls just loved it and was so impressed and wants me to show her how to do stuff like that. Isn't that the coolest thing when someone who isn't a stamper, loves what you did and wants to know how to do it too? I know it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Make it a beautiful day!!


~Denise Lynn~ said...

These are fantastic! What a neat idea and perfect for catalogs. You're so smart! I think I'll be CASEing this one! TFS!! :)

Lynn said...

These are the cutest thing...AND they're so useful. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable!! How cute!! ;)

JeanetteS said...

Such an adorable idea!! I'd like to make some for my girlfriends at Christmas. I'm inspired!