Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Sweet Griffyn

One of the gals in my lia sophia organization had a sweet baby girl yesterday morning. I was able to see both of them this morning and oh, what a treat. Griffyn is light as air - aren't all babies when they are freshly born? And despite his excitement about going to see a baby, my little man wasn't quite sure what to think of mommy holding a baby once we got there.

Emily - the new momma - is a tough girly-girl who is not really into pink ---- but I couldn't resist this sweet printed baby paper in my stash. I tempered it with gray and white. I think it came off sweetly sophisticated instead of sugary sweet - a lot like Emily!! Can you see the glitter paper I used as a mat?

Before I tucked this into a clear envelope, I scented it with Ah Baby! from Card-Scents (the new website is still under construction but will be up soon: I'll always remember the look of delight on Emily's face when she saw her card. You know the one - it's the same one we see on everybody's face who gets one of our cards - that look of wonder that says "wow, I'm so special to her she made me a card of my very own!"

Thanks for stopping by today!! Have a beautiful night - The Office is on tonight - hope it's a funny one!!


tara said...

love the new look to your blog. where did you find such a cute design !?!!

oh yeah love the card too.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I missed this darling card!! This is so stinkin' CUTE!! :) TFS!! BTW...left you something on my blog!!