Monday, November 17, 2008

You Really Want to Know?

My friend Tara recently joined the blogging world and I think she's loving it!! You should go visit her - she's a pretty funny read. And of course, she had a really pretty blog page after just a few days - and so sweetly hooked me up with the info to get one too! You can find the link way up there in the upper left corner on my screen. What I love about Tara is that she is completely honest and just puts it all out there. What you see is what you get - a trait that I happen to {love} in my friends!!

So she tagged me to share 7 random things about myself. And I am happy to share with you because I know that you are just *itching* to know more about me.

1. I spent almost my entire day going through a stack of Parenting, American Baby and babyTalk magazines today. I subscribed to them when the little man was born hoping that they would turn me into this wonderful, magical mother. I'm sure they would have if I had bothered to read them every month. Of course, reading them today, I realized that a lot of being a mom is instinct and I haven't done too bad of a job! Yea me!!

2. My first college roommate called my toes "finger-toes" because they were so long. Trust me, I wish I had short, stubby toes that are oh, so normal. If my toes were half as long, I'm convinced I could wear a 9 1/2. And I'm sure it's much easier to find cute shoes in a 9 1/2 than it is in an 11.

3. We have grown our own pumpkins for several years now and managed to harvest 12 this year
- our biggest crop to date!

4. One of my favorite shows is Project Runway and while I think Leanne does great work, I really, really wanted Korto to win. That coat she made from seatbelts was amazing!! I consistently loved the things she created.

5. I would be one happy girl if Sonic decided to bring back Pickle-Os. There is nothing like a fried pickle chip as a snack.

6. So far, I've got 2 presents out of the way: bibs and some cardboard blocks (just like the ones they had in the church nursery all those years ago) for the little man. I wish I could be like those women who have all their shopping done in September! I wonder if they hire out?

7. In my mail today, I got a request from the cable company to let them handle my phone service and a request from the phone company to let them handle my internet service. Why can't they both just be happy being really good at providing the one service that they originally started with?

Well, there you have it, 7 more random things. Consider yourself tagged if you want to play along.

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