Sunday, February 7, 2010

2RedBananas: A Valentine Card

Good morning girls!
Are you staying warm. I have a few friends back east that I know are snowed in deep. I was happy to hear this morning that one of them still had power at least! We are supposed to get some more snow today and tomorrow. This winter has been the strangest so far!

I'm so excited to have been able to play along with this week's 2RedBananas challenge. We were asked to make a valentine. This stamp set is perfect for valentine's in my opinion - and I really wanted to use it. During my stamp space cleanout, I made sure to put all my 2RB sets in the same box. There are about 7 boxes of stamps to still sort through - and I could not find the one with my 2RedBananas stamps. Ugh.

But wait! 2RedBananas carries more than just stamps - she has amazing ribbon and papers too! So I used this fabulous polka dot paper I ordered from the store.

Well, I am off to church and then getting ready for the big game! Still not sure which team I'll be rooting for since the Vikings aren't in the Super Bowl.
I could root for the Colts since the Saints defeated the Vikings.
I always love rooting for the underdog so I could root for the Saints.
I love gold jewelry with black accents so I could root for the Saints.
Peyton Manning is a great quarterback so I could root for the Colts.
(that does not mean that the other guy isn't)
I could ask my little man who he wants to root for: Colts or Saints.

Oh - and for my family members *that read this blog: the little man wanted to get his picture taken when I was taking a picture of my card the other day. He kept coming up with all these silly faces we should do. Lots of giggles and fun.

*friends too that want to know. And I'm not even scared to share it with ya'll despite the lack of makeup and curled hair.

Have a lovely day dear readers!


Deb said...

Giggles and smiles, my friend! Such fun pictures to go along with an adorable card! You did perfectly well without stamps this week! Stay warm and cozy!

Beth said...

Your card is so cute Cassie and love the fun pictures of you and the little guy.

Wendy said...

Very cute card. Why are polka-dots so darn cute? Love the bling heart, too.

Karen Wilson said...

Hahaha! Love those pics!! My daughter and I do silly things like that and we love it.

Love your card, so pretty and simple!

Lynette said...

Such a great card, Cassie! I didn't realize you were a Viking fan!! That was a disappointing loss, wasn't it? Thanks for sharing the pcitures of you and the "little man."