Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Amish Clockmaker by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner, A Review

The Amish Clockmaker by Mindy Starns Clark

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Book Description

From bestselling authors Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner, The Amish Clockmaker (Book 3 in the Men of Lancaster County series) explores the men of an Amish community in Lancaster County, how their Amish beliefs play out in their unique roles, and the women who change their lives.

Newlywed Matthew Zook is expanding his family's tack and feed store when a surprising property dispute puts the remodel on hold--and raises new questions about the location's mysterious past.

Decades earlier, the same building housed a clock shop run by a young Amish clockmaker named Clayton Raber. Known for his hot temper, Clayton was arrested for the murder of his beloved wife, a crime almost everyone--including his own family members--believed he'd committed, even after charges were dropped. Isolated and feeling condemned by all, Clayton eventually broke from the church, left Lancaster County, and was never heard from again.

Now the only way Matthew can solve the boundary issue and save his family's business is to track down the clockmaker. But does this put Matthew on the trail of a murderer?

A timeless novel of truth, commitment, and the power of enduring love, where secrets of the past give way to hope for the future.


I was provided an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley. Here is my honest review.

I'm not sure how this book is classified: mystery, romance, romantic suspense. I am sure that it was very different from any other book I have read set in the Amish community, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much more than most of the books I read in that genre.

I found the plot to be really interesting and the writing/story to be incredibly authentic. The authors did a great job exploring how Amish people today work through situations that arise from the English community. 

I don't want to say much so as not to give away any spoilers; there are serious issues that are dealt with in this book (pregnancy, mental illness as well as trust and forgiveness). Oftentimes I read a romance book in the Amish genre and it seems so perfectly idyllic, which is unrealistic. 

The one scene that resonates with me is when Clayton is speaking to his mother after she expressed displeasure towards his wife. He reminds her that Jesus did not require us to be perfect before he sacrificed himself on the cross. He has a deep faith and his view of accepting his wife where she is while wanting peace for her was so touching. 

I enjoyed this story immensely - I practically couldn't put it down. Since this is the third book in a series, I will be looking to read the previous books and will watch for future books as well.

I gave this book: 

★ = I did not like it     ★ = It was okay     ★ = I liked it    
★ = I really liked it     ★ = I loved it

Want to Know More?

You can  pick up a copy of Lilies on Daybreak Pond, a short prequel novella in the Men of Lancaster series, at Amazon, free on Kindle,  as of the date of this blog post. 

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