Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Because you need to know

My SBS3 sister Erin tagged me today! I feel like I've "arrived" so to speak!!

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1. I have really long toes. My college roommate used to call them "finger toes". She thought they were really weird, but I've always thought they were kinda pretty - they are long and thin and not short and stubby. The downside is that my feet are a size 11. And tragically, size 11 shoes - CUTE size 11 shoes are hard to find. I found the most beautiful pair in Chicago during the summer of 2006 and fell in love with them. Sadly, they only came in a 10. And I've tried to stuff my feet into a 10 --- but it just makes me incredibly cranky so I don't do it anymore. I can still remember what that pair of shoes looked like! Without my long, pretty toes, I am sure I could wear a 9 - of which there are many, many cute shoes!

2. I have 3 dogs. A mutt, Maddie who is the prettiest mutt that ever lived. We think she has dachsund, border collie and australian shepherd in her. We rescued her from the pound and everybody thinks she is so pretty. I wish we knew what she was; I would breed her so everyone could experience the joy she is to us. We also have 2 corgis - the kind without the tail...Sam and Katie. I gave all of my dogs my most favorite names b/c I never thought I'd have kids. Made it pretty hard to come up with a baby name b/c the ones I really loved were already given to my puppies. Dane was 3 days old before he was anything other than "baby L".

3. Jim Brickman is one of my favorite artists. Gorgeous piano music that just helps me keep me calm and focused. Thanks Mom for the concert tickets last week - it was the highlight of my week! Reawakened my desire to learn to play the piano.

4. The first car I drove had a plaid ceiling. Honest.

5. I've deleted this little tidbit of trivia twice. Here's another fact that I can live with: I won a lip sync concert when I was in high school.

6. The Office is one of my favorite shows. It is the only show that my husband and I can agree on. I don't like anything else he watches and he hates anything else I watch. Thank God that it is coming back in April - I love spending Thursday night with my hubby on the couch, picking this show apart!

7. I have never dyed my hair. I'm really happy with the color that it is. I am sure that when I turn gray, that will be a different story, as I can be a vain girl. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good

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PianoWizardQueen said...

So you want to learn to play the piano. Dont push aside this dream of yours. It's not yet too late to learn to play the piano. You dont even have to enroll yourself to private lessons. You just have to buy Piano Wizard and you'll be playing the piano within a month! Piano Wizard
is a video game which will teach you how to play the piano and read notes as well. It's a game not only meant for kids but for adults as well. By the time you reach the 4th level of the game, you would be able to read notes. You can even learn to play your favorite songs with Piano Wizard. So better let out the musician in you. =)

Denise ~ said...

Wow, great facts Cassie. It's always nice to learn more about everyone. Funny story about your toes. I have long toes too, but I guess not quite as long as yours. My shoes are a size 9ish. Bigger since having kids, funny how that is! :)

Erin... said...

Fun facts Cassie!! One of my close friends has "finger toes" Being a mom, i could use the extra help actually!! I can't wait for the office either, it's one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud!

Lynn said...

I'll play tag, I'll post it tomorrow!
You have a great site, I enjoyed my visit :)

Cindy said...

I'm so sorry I dropped the ball when you tagged me awhile back. I had too much going on to respond on my blog, I am sorry!
Thank you so much for being my SBS sister.