Tuesday, March 11, 2008


....still haven't printed out my sentiment. I did however, connect with a jewelry hostess and closed out a show....so it's not like I'm COMPLETELY wasting nap time today.

Saw this on an email I get regarding Dane's development:
Politicians extol the virtues of the at-home mom, but how much
help do they actually hand out? Plenty of parents think the
government could do better.

I would certainly appreciate a tax break for the joy of staying home! My lia sophia upline said something several weeks ago - "reward the behavior you want repeated". Makes sense. The government should give tax breaks to those who are living the life that they spin as wonderful. I believe in the concept of welfare, as a temporary means of helping people get back on their feet. Several months ago I watched some HBO show that focused on some people who lived in "the projects". I was struck by the story of one mother who had 2 or 3 little kids. She lived in a public housing situation and had amazing rent - less than $100 a month. She was going to school to be a nurse. She talked about how her goal was to become a nurse, get a job so she could move out of the projects and support her family on her own. It was difficult for her to go to school because she couldn't afford childcare. Even with that low rent, she struggled to pay her bills. The cost of childcare and education have set up a situation where it will take her forever to get her degree. That's just stinky to me - someone wants to better their life but instead, she is caught in this vicious cycle. I think I would be much happier if I could earmark my tax money to be spent on what I want it spent on. Seriously, going to print now!

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