Tuesday, March 11, 2008



This is ridiculous! I am sure I would have been much closer to 50 if it had taken several colors that I inputed. Sage green - that's a color, right?

Anyway, I've wasted enough time blog reading today. I really, really need to finish up my ATC's for Stamp Club tonight. All I have left is the sentiment, which I came in here to print off and got sidetracked - happens so easily with me! Of course, when I was reading Poetic Artistry just now, I saw a cool little "doo-hickey" embellishment she had on her ATC and I think I'm going to add that to mine as well - although it will have to be slightly different as I don't have that word window punch yet from SU!

Thanks for the suggestion on little cloths Kathy! We did run out this morning to take care of that....but....SHOCK! got sidetracked with eating lunch and then Dane feel asleep in the car so we just came home. I'll do it tonight after club - probably better that way so I can really think about it.

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