Monday, March 10, 2008

Mom S.O.S.

I just got back from picking Dane up from Mother's Day Out. Little note in his bag asked that he bring a labeled basket on Wednesday filled with 12 plastic eggs that have an "age-appropriate toy" inside for their easter egg hunt.

Great idea!!! I'm loving it!!!

But I'm freaking out about the inside of that egg!!!
He's 1 - they're all 1 in that group.

What the heck is an AGE APPROPRIATE toy that will fit INSIDE a plastic egg???!?!?!?

Come on girls - I know lots of my sisters have little ones that older than mine - surely you have some suggestions for me!


kathy said...

perhaps little baby bath sponges?

Maren said...

Good idea, Kathy!! I might have to think more on this one, Cassie...I will get back to you!!

Glitter Monkey said...

It's hard, I quite agree with you - it's a bit odd to ask for a toy THAT small for a one year old! I'm afraid only edible things spring to mind as everything you put in there is gonna end up in their mouths right? Lol Lynn x

Andrea, said...

That's a really hard one at that age, surley they would try and chew most things that size which could be very dangerous. Maybe raisins!

Erin... said...

That is a good idea!! But I try to keep any thing that fits in an egg out the hands of my little one!! A little snack pack of cheerios would work, or one of those fabric covored elastic headbands. Also I tagged you!