Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dress? Nightie?

I can't decide what this stamp looks like. It is labeled a "dress" on the stamp. But it looks like a nightie to me.
I found this card in my files and don't think I ever posted it. It was for a SCS sketch challenge eons ago.
Busy day around here - Dane is at mother's day out so I've got lots of things I want to accomplish!!

Make it a beautiful day!


emily said...

it does look a little nightie-ish :) but, some gals like to wear nighties as dresses, so it could be labeled as such!

thanks for the super kind words on my blog...i'm always humbled at how kind people can be!
thanks girl!!

great card! love the scallop edge!

Heather said...

OH!! I love it. It does look like a nighty though, but then thats the look on TV right now. I like the lined paper you used, cute!!

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

It looks like a nighty to me too! It's a really cute nighty! Love the lined paper and the scalloped edge! Great card!

Denise~ said...

Very pretty! Love the simplicity of the card, really draws your eye to the image. :)