Monday, April 14, 2008


I am swimming in tax stuff. I always say I will not wait until the last minute. I start getting stuff together in January. Wait on the forms to come in the mail. Sorta look at towards the end of February. Decide I have lots of time and I'll do it later. Then I decide that I don't want to do it. So here I am, a gorgeous Monday, baby at daycare....and I'm punching numbers, and reading forms and UGH!
I could hire someone to do it all for me - but I'd rather spend that $70 (? just a guess, could be more) on stamps or ink or PAPER!!!

Be back soon!!


ink'n'rubba said...

thanks for stopping by my blog - I hope it gave you some respite from the tax returns! annie x

Denise~ said...

Ooo taxes, not fun! Hope you're almost done. Good luck! :)

Teresa said...

It's up to almost 90.00 here. Wish I knew how so I could save that money too!