Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Something Different

I have been working on re-organizing my craft space. I went in on Sunday afternoon to work on some VSN challenges. We had family come in to town so I wasn't able to actually participate in the actual Fri/Sat process. But when I got into the room, I was overcome with how out of whack it is and just couldn't be inspired. So I decided to just fix it. I've pulled thing away from the shelf, and moved my desk so that it is against the wall. WHAT A DIFFERENCE this has made. The room already feels so much more open and we can move around easily. Plus, Dane can definitely be in there with me now so that alone is worth it.

Of course, doing that does mean that I have done away with storage space. While I would love to use it - I mean, I *DID* buy it - I just don't think there is enough hours in the day. So I've got to get rid of some things. Some I will sell, some will be PIF, some will be blog candy, and some of it I want to use in a different way.

I want to set up a challenge. Send some stuff out, you make something with it, we'll post it and have a winner! Like a poll with voting and all. Prizes will definitely be awarded but they will vary. One week it might be a crafty supply item, another week it might be jewelry, another week it might be a gift certificate for somewhere or just a really cool "banner" to put on your blog. What do you think?

Interested? Leave a comment here if you are!


Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

I hear you!
"Cleansing" can be a very "good" thing! **cough*cough** I probably should engage in some of that myself. ???

On the other hand, I do believe that it is a "symptom" of a rubber stamper-crafter. YKWIM! LOL


Claire said...

OH mY too clean my craft room instead of using it as storage for all my crafts LOL. I would so love that.

Denise~ said...

Have fun clean up and out Cassie! I'm sure that once your all finished, you'll be inspired to stamp. Great idea with giving away and selling some stuff. If you can't use it, I'm sure there's someone out there that can! :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Good for you! I'm going to be doing this very same thing very soon. My area is a mess, and I really need to give some things away! Good luck with your cleaning!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Hi Cassie -- I appreciate your offer, but I don't need to be a part of the challenge. Like I mentioned . . . I need to do this very same thing! I will check back to see who participates though! I'm sure it will be very cool for you to see what others make with items that you no longer need or want. Have fun!

Giovana said...

Usually I try to keep my craft area clean, but sometimes it is imposible, especially when my little DD wants to make cards with mommy and she brings all her paper to my desk.
I will love to get the stuff you don't need, I don't have much and everything little thing is very welcome.

God bless your generosity

Stampin Cats said...

I would love to try and create something with your "stuff". Please include me. thanks for sharing.