Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inspirational Craft Swap

Over at the Inspiration blog, they have a craft swap going on. Sounds like a neat idea. I have other commitments right now so I'm not signing up for this one, but I will watch for future swaps and hopefully will be able to participate then. I love these types of swaps because it's so fun to make something for a fellow crafter - you KNOW they are going to enjoy it!

My LSS held a charity crop yesterday for PKU. I shared a table with my friend Suzann and got quite a bit done. I finished a gift album for my in laws of their wedding. I sure hope they like it. She's not very crafty. Do you ever feel more apprehensive about a gift you've made when the person is not a crafty person? Like they won't appreciate it as much?
My sister got married in January and I'm tossing around the idea of doing one for her. She saw my car yesterday and ran in to say hello. Her hubby was with her - and he told her she should scrapbook. OH - how many women would love to hear that, right? I'll work on getting pictues taken of that today and posted.
After I finished the album I just kinda played around with some stuff. I ordered the seed packet wheel as part of my SU order. I think I managed to create the ugliest thing ever! Seriously. ICK!
Well, I played all day yesterday so I'm going to start some laundry and do a little bit of housework that didn't get done yet. Hopefully I'll be back later with some stuff to share!

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Maren said...

You are so hard on your self! I am sure it was beautiful!!