Monday, April 28, 2008


I'll be missing in action for the next several days. I did get some more items created over the last few days. I've photographed them, edited them, but not ready to share them. Some are gifts - and I want the gals getting them to be surprised. Others are things I created specifically for a DT call and some I've shared, but these I'll hold onto until later in the week. Depending on how the packing goes this afternoon, I may get on and get some posts ready in draft. That's a big IF though....

I will be at my in-laws in Shawnee so hopefully I'll find time to keep up with all of YOU!!! I am taking a suitcase of stamping supplies - and hopefully I'll even have time to work on some of that too!

"see" ya'll later!!

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Denise~ said...

Have fun at the in-laws! Hope you have a great trip, be safe. :)