Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's Up Moose?

The challenge this past week on the MFT forum for What's Up Wednesday was to make a box. I used the template that was provided (see post here) and one of the free MFT stamp sets that I recently won! Somehow, I knew that the 2 I received were the 2 that I would get! Or maybe it was just wishful thinking; either way, I was a happy camper with what I won!!

I stamped the moose twice and colored him in. I cut out one and popped him up and then decided I would do the same for the frame. I love the look but I'm not sure I would take the time to cut that frame out very often! I wanted a box that was bright and fun and non-traditional looking when it came to Christmas! I hope this fits the bill!! I'll put it aside until December and then fill with some treats for a friend!
I hope you had a great weekend! My friend and I had scheduled time to stamp on Saturday! I made a rustic pizza for lunch, got a little stamping done and then we went shopping!!! The deals were too good to pass up!! My LSS celebrated it's 2nd birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - and we enjoyed some yummy cake and got some cute stuff. Then on to Michaels where paper was on sale and I kept finding a new sheet I *had* to have!! And then off to Joann's, where I swore I wouldn't buy anything --- until they DID HAVE a glitter stack on sale. I snagged the last one before my friend could grab it. I should probably give it to her as it was not a very sweet thing to do and I'm really trying to be sweet these days. Oh, it was such a gorgeous fall day! Then my dad watched the little man while we went to the MAZE with my mom and brothers!! Lots of fun and it was great traipsing through the mud! We lost half the crew at one point and while waiting for them to catch up (they never did) the boys snuck off .... and then I was standing there all by myself. As I set off to find the boys, my "little" brother (he's younger than me by 14 years but he's about 5 inches taller!) jumped out and scared me!! Too funny!! I think my mom was game to go through the Haunted Maze but didn't want to wait in the L-O-N-G line! I never knew my mom liked scary things as we weren't allowed to be around that growing up!! "For good reason" said my other "little" brother (who is 8 years younger, 8 inches taller
[do you know that I'm 5'11"?] and was a Marine!) Cracked me up when he said that!!! He loves to act tough - and he is tough, but he also has a heart of gold - both of my brothers do!
Anyway, enough rattling on by me! I'll see you back here soon and in the meantime, have a beautiful day!!


Heather said...

Super!! Love how you popped him up!!

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Love this, super cute! That frame around the moose is a nice tough too, really makes him pop. :)