Thursday, January 29, 2009

200th Post

Wow! 200 posts - that's amazing! And hubby didn't think I'd stick with this! I think it's pretty cool that coincides with a new award I got from a fellow team member from The Cuttlebug Challenge - BettyBee

It's the Lemonade Award and I hadn't seen it before she gave it to me. But what an awesome one to get and it really touched my heart! You see, it it to recognize someone who shows a great attitude or gratitude. Awww - thanks girl! I know that each of you that visit certainly lift me up and I hope I do the same for you! I'm supposed to share this with 5 other bloggers and it can be sooo hard to narrow the list, can't it? I hate the thought that I'm leaving someone out and that you might think I don't appreciate you if I don't name you. {maybe that's why so many girls don't "do" awards anymore}. I do {do} them though, because I think it's so important that we lift each other up, we encourage each other, we let other people know how great I think YOU are!! So today, I'm going to pass this along to 5 new girls that I adore and appreciate. I hope you'll stop by their blog if they aren't on your regular "rounds" and see what they've been up to!!

1. Heather - Heather's Heavenly Stamptations - such a sweet girl. I'm just barely getting to know her but she is friends with lots of my friends and has such a sweet, kind spirit. Her comments are always so thoughtful and heartfelt - and I am just blessed beyond words that she's started bestowing them on me too! Plus, she's a Kansas girl, and they rock!!

2. Vicki - Stamped Smiles - so talented and always has a kind, encouraging word for me. Thanks Vicki! And I know I haven't been by all week - I'm so behind, but I will be soon and I'll get all caught up!
3. Sandra - Paper Funtastics - so talented and so funny! Her comments always make me smile - and usually make me float too!
4. Janna - Stamps, Paper, Glitter - OH My! - I knew I would like Janna when I read her blog title. I mean, she digs glitter? Come on - gotta love any girl that loves glitter!! She has the soul of an angel and always an encouraging word for me.

5. Jami - Stamp Happy with Sgt Stamper - so amazingly talented. She was one of the first people to follow my blog and I was so flattered. Over time, we've gotten to know each other better. She always knows just what to say to cheer me up! If you've never been to her blog, go check it out as this week she's previewing some of her NEW stamps that SHE DESIGNED for 2RedBananas. In fact, I won the very first one and it arrived today. I can't wait to play with it!!

Each of these girls are super talented and to know that they think I'm talented too - it does my spirit good! I hope each of you know that your belief in me is a boost every single day! Please feel free to post on your blog or your sidebar. Or not all. Pass it on. Or don't. The important thing to me is that you know that I love you and appreciate you.

Lots of other things going on too! Like the Luv Bug Event!! Starts tomorrow at 7 am EST on the Cuttlebug Challenge. You'll be collecting a WORD at each blog along the way while seeing lots of "sweet" ideas. Each word forms a quote (author's name included) and there is an awesome prize being given away. In fact, I know that you have 2 chances to win!

First is this awesome prize being given away for the blog hop on the Cuttlebug Challenge site.

The photo above is just for the blog hop - there are OTHER PRIZES too!

The second prize is by one of the design team girls and I hear it involved your choice of a Stampin Up Set -so be sure to watch for that as you are hopping around tomorrow!!

Speaking of the Luv Bug Event, there will be projects and spotlights and all kinds of things Friday to Sunday! I've seen some sneaks of them and they are incredible!! Seriously. You don't want to miss it!!


Anonymous said...

You're such a sweetie!! Thanks for the award my friend and for the kind words!!! So glad you got your stamps...can't wait to see how you use them - you're so creative!!


Heather said...

Hi Cassie,

Well you are to to sweet girl!!! I am honored that you said such sweet things about me, and you deserve every word I say in my comments!!!!

I can not wait to get to know you better, and to be on a couple of teams with you now too!!!!

You are very talented and fun to read girl!!!


Janna said...

OMG!!! Cassie, I am blown away!! Thank you so, so much for this thoughtful award. I am truly honored! I feel the same way about you! Thank you, thank you!

Now that you told me all these wonderful things I have to tell you that I tagged you on my blog! Sorry, I hope you can forgive me! LOL!


Cassie said...

Hello. I just stopped by to see who the other Cassie was that Kerri tagged!