Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shoe Collection? Obsession? Affinity?

I have a serious affinity for shoes*. Cute shoes, sexy shoes, comfy shoes. I joined a Shoe Fetish ATC swap over on SCS. When I signed up I wanted to use my marabou shoe stamp. I can't find it. So I had to re-think my plan. I recently got that polka dotted paper (I totally love polka dots!!) and it makes me think of all things vintage and retro. So I wanted to use it for this project! And red goes so beautifully with cream and black. And I have 2 pairs of red shoes that give me an extra spring in my step when I wear them. I feel incredibly trendy in one pair and totally sexy in the other. If I had red polka dot shoes I'd probably swoon!!
Of course I had to dry emboss the base layer. I used my Swiss Dots cbug folder and then ran my craft white ink pad over them to really make them pop! By this point, I decided to just get carried away with the polka dots. I used a stamp to give my flowers some polka dots and a little touch of ribbon. This is just one of the shoes that I cut out for my ATCs. There was a whole row of 5 all lined up! I just picked my favorite one!! A little torn edge, some inking and overstamping for a slight distressed look! And yes, if I saw a pair of shoes like this I would totally buy them!! ** I hope the rest of the girls in the swap enjoy this ATC as much as I enjoyed making it! I can't wait to see what I get back!!
**Assuming that it came in a size 11. Yes, that's my shoe size. Causes me much grief and angst often I can tell you. I can still clearly see a fabulous pair of shoes that I wanted to buy a few years ago in Chicago. They only went up to a size 10. And trust me, I've tried to wear a 10 - but it's not pretty - so I don't do that anymore! Why, oh why, don't the shoe manufacturers realize that girls with big feet like pretty shoes too? And that we don't all have wide feet? Or want 4" stiletto heels?
*I got a kick out of everyone's comments regarding the various "collections" in my stamp room. I also have a serious shoe collection going on. When I was teaching, it didn't seem to be a problem but now that I'm a work-at-home-mom who lives in bare feet (yes, I prefer to be barefooted in my home) and flip flops these days it seems a little ridiculous. I have gone through them and gotten rid of lots of pairs. But I still have tons. And can't quite bring myself to get rid of them yet. I'm looking for new storage solutions for my vast collection - I'd love to hear how you store your shoes!!


Katie Skiff said...

That is cute! I am not a show person. I have some runners, some nicer dress shoes and my boots. If I could collect FatBabies, that is the shoe I'd collect! LOL... So they rest in my closet on the floor! LOL....

Christi said...

How cute!! If I didn't spend my money on stamps I'd probably have a bigger shoe fetish! LOL

Carly said...

hi Cassie,
Love your card. The chair stamp is by Alotta Rubber stamps.


the whimsical butterfly said...

Omgosh we wear the same size shoe! LOL! I didnt' think anyone had my feet"issues" LOL. I used to be a 8 1/2, then I had my first girl, went to a 9. Had twins, jumped to an 11. More like 10.5...but still! Aww I love ya even more now LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

What a darling creation!! Love your idea with the shoe in the flower!! How cute!! ;)

Janna said...

This card is adorable!! I love polka dots too! And of course shoes!! I have size 6.5/7 feet which means everybody has that size, i.e. no shoes. Although I prefer to be barefoot and would love it if you could do that everywhere, but there is nothing like a good pair of shoes to make you feel sexy!! LOL! No storage solution here, unless you call throwing all your shoes into the bottom of the closet organizing! LOL!


Heather said...

Hey Cassie,

This is a great card, and love that you love shoes.

My Best Friend also wears an 11 she used to be a size 9 until 3 kids later.

I know you will never believe this, but 3 kids later my feet have shrunk 2 sizes I was a 9 then an 8 1/2 now I am an 8. I know quite unbelievable, but it is totally true!!!!

Janna told me a story about you tonight and that you are 5'11" My Grandma was 6 feet and all the men in my family are 6-4 to 6-7, but not me I got the short end of the stick at little old 5-5!!! LOL


scrapnnMO said...

Goregeous card!

Jacquie said...

I LOVE your card!!! That shoe is GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun....I'm right there with you on the shoe fetish...a girl can never have too many shoes! My sister and I joke about going hunting when it's boot season (we love to shop for sales!)
hugs, Jami