Friday, January 16, 2009

The Big Drawing

I am sorry I didn't post this last night. I really should've thought about what my Thursday looked like. I hosted Keno at my house last night and after the last gal left at 9:30 it was time to pick up, give the little man a quick kiss and put him to bed, pay bills and then of course, we wanted to watch The Office. We watched Bush's farewell address, fast forwarded through Earl and then....NOTHING! I guess the recorder was set up wrong so I still don't know what happened. Maybe we'll watch it online when hubby comes home for lunch later. After that, he wanted to go to bed early and when I remembered about drawing, he was snoozing away and none of the puppies were any help either.

So as soon as we finished eating breakfast it was time for Sesame Street and our drawing. I got all the slips ready and had the little man draw one.

I asked my little guy to draw "just one". He wanted all of you to win apparently as he took a whole handful!

And finally, "just one".

The winner! I'll get this out either today or tomorrow Valerie!
I hope each of you has a beautiful day! The little man and I are going to get dressed and go play for a bit. I'll be back visiting each of you later in the day!

Thanks to all who entered; it was so nice to see some familiar faces and some new faces.


Taylor said...

I left you a present on my blog, because I think you are wonderful!

mikki said...

I LOVED how Little Man was too intently watching SS to even care who won..."Here mom,,,can I watch Elmo now?" Tee Hee!

Janna said...

Dane is just too, too cute Cassie!! So adorable! Why not just let him pick everybody, LOL!! Congrats to Valerie!


Heather said...

Yep that is the way we choose blog cany at our house too!!! Great Pictures Cassie thanks for sharing and for such sweet comments on my blog. I am having so much fun playing in the challenge. Janna and I have gotten to be good friends and I love talking to her on the phone you guys all do such cute projects!!!


Valerie said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! what a WONDERFUL suprize that I got here when I visited your blog!!! is it me who wins? LOL! I guess so that's my name right? YIPPIE! thank you little man! SMOOCHES!