Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stamping and Fabulous?

I'm not a big Sex and the City watcher but I've seen one episode several times where Carrie's bit is all about a "Single and Fabulous" article - is it a question mark or an exclamation mark?

Imagine my delight to have a stamper that I have only recently discovered, but really admire, think I'M FABULOUS! Or at least my blog! And since every creation I make has a part of me in it....then I'm Fabulous?

I'm Fabulous!

You know what, so are you!!! Anyway, here's the award Sandra gave me. I don't know who designed this, but it is SOOOO my style!

First I have to name 5 things I'm addicted to! Hmmm - how to narrow the list down?

1. Dr. Pepper - preferably with really good soft, ice. Sonic is probably the best. And if you don't have Sonic where you live, then I feel really, really sorry for you.

2. Ribbon/Lace - you can't really see it in the picture I posted, but it's there. Lots and lots of it. And I always want more. And I always debate if I should use it when there is just a little left - I might need it later. Definitely something to work on

3. Hugs from my little man. Who just went and got his "laughtop" and is working beside me. Today's letter is M!! M!! M!! M!!

4. Ice Cream - what a glorious invention! I'd eat it every single day if I had a wonderful metabolism and/or didn't care of the repurcussions.

5. Blue Cheese stuffed olives. Wonderful!! Sometimes the grocery budget allows for them and sometimes not. But when it does, what a treat!! (I know, most of you are probably gasping - wondering where is the chocolate? But if you've been a reader for awhile, you know I'm not a big chocolate fan.

(hey did you know today's letter is M!!)

(you moms who have had a 2 year old totally get it))

Now, I get to pass on the FABULOUS award! This is tough because so many bloggers I know are choosing to no longer participate in these. So I'm passing it along and you can choose to play or not; I just want you to know I think you are FABULOUS (exclamation point!!!) I'm also going to try to pass it on to some new blogs to me that I think are wonderful and you should check out.

1. Eva - For the love of life super sweet and she makes the most beautiful, romantic projects. You have no idea how excited I am to be able to work with her on the Cuttlebug Challenge blog.

2. Jennifer - Glitter in my Hair such a sweet girl. Be sure to check out her Anya card on 1-12-09

3. Whitney - The King and I I found this blog through the NieNie Dialogues (they are re-posting reader's choices and I don't click on the link to the reader blog, but some reason I did when Whitney had her request up - totally believe it was a prompting from God - don't you love when he gives you little presents like that); it's not a stamping blog but i enjoy reading it. she is really hilarious and i always leave with a smile. Go check it out!!

4. Mikki - mik inks I just found this blog a few days ago. I decided to visit her blog after seeing the page she uploaded at SCS for the His Holy Name 2009 challenge. She's fabulously talented and I quickly added her to my favorites!

5. Elaine - Elaine's Creations oneof my SBS3 sisters; she is another one of my favorite SU demonstrators. All or almost all SU product that she uses to create wonderful cards and projects!

ETA: here's a sneak into my front bathroom - it's also the little man's bathroom which makes for a very interesting aesthetic!

The towels were the start of this bathroom. They were a gift from one of my lia sophia managers. LOOOOVE them! And no, they don't get used, they just get admired!!


Sandra MacLean said...

That bathroom is FABULOUS!! (With lots of exclamation points) hahaha You admire moi?? I am truly honored Cassie - THANK YOU! :D I smiled the whole time I read your post....oh, and you can send some of that sympathy my way because we don't have a Sonic's up our way and hubby and I always drool over their ads on tv! Why are we even getting ads when there are no Sonics in the area?! Weirdness. At our house, today's letter is W for wipe....a certain three year old still isn't grasping the concept yet! LOL

Janna said...

Cassie, a big old congrats!!! and {{{hugs}}}. You certainly deserve this award because you are fabulous girl!! I am so happy for you! I love the bathroom! All the towels and pictures are wonderful! I wish I could keep a bathroom that nice! Unfortunately I share mine with my husband and you know how that is!

Smiles and hugs!

mikki said...

OMGosh...thanks for visiting my site, leaving me a very sweet message, and then giving me this award...it is so me too! I am a big S&TC fan...have seen every episode...it's a big vice of mine...late night TNT!
I am adding you to my blog list too...I love your cards. They are beautiful! See you every day when I stop by.

Valerie said...

hahaha girl you crack me up!

Congrats on the blog award..and I agree with you on the ones you passed the award on to....very telented ladies!

Love your bathroom VERY cute!

Lesli said...

You are fabulous and so is your bathroom. Congrats on the award!!!

bdbrecheen said...

Girlfriend- The best part of the bathroom to me is what you used on the walls. It created lots of texture and interest. I love it!! And I love little Dane's boats in the tub. He and "blue puppy" have a way of adding his "special little touch" to each room in your house. It's been a wonderful addition to the Case ole' casa.