Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweet Treat & Tutorial

My sweet friend Heather is celebrating her blogaversary with a really great blog candy prize. You should check it out -- you'll also see her great tutorial on a double pocket card!! Go check it out!

ETA: I've fixed the link. I either messed it up or got so wrapped up in making it multi-color (which Heather does all the time in her posts - and it was a nod to her and her style) that I forgot to link it!

1 comment:

Heather Schlatter said...


You are very sweet to mention my blog candy now this is going to sound really stupid but did you leave a link to it because my computer is not showing a link not that there has to be but the way you wrote out my blog title it looks like you did but some times my computer does not always show things the way they really appear!!!

Are you around right now?? I could call you if you are. Sorry I did not answer last night Jess called me back and it was not a great time to break into the conversation.