Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Library Challenge - Wrap Up


This is the last week of the challenge. There was a really thoughtful survey to complete at the host blog. I enjoyed this challenge. It might not seem like it from looking at my blog posts...but I did! I always read each week's challenge and thought about it throughout the week. I wasn't so good at getting a blog post done each week however. 

Let's take a look back:

1. Read a library recommendation from each genre they list On the Shelves on the webpage.
2. Attend three of the summer events that tie in to this summer's program.
3. Visit each library at least once to check books out.
4. Visit the library every week.
5. Complete each challenge posted.

I thought I was doing much better than that. I have read several books from the On the Shelves feature. I haven't read  Non-Fiction though so I can't cross it off.
And we have only attended two events thus far. My husband's car was in the shop for repairs for much of the summer (we just got it back last week) so it has made running all over pretty difficult.
We have only visited 3 of the 5 branches in town.
And I managed most of the challenges - Late. The Scavenger Hunt was one I was looking forward to but I never remembered to take the list before I went to the library.

Be sure to visit The Book Monsters Library Challenge Page for all the wrap up details and check out other participants blogs.

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