Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Kisses Collection, A Review

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I received an eARC copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. Here is my honest review.

Book Description
A new anthology from some of your favorite inspirational authors. 
Enjoy this collection of love stories with a theme of FIRST KISSES. The First Kisses collection includes: 
The Rambler’s Bride by Linda Goodnight 
Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad **my second favorite
Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton 
Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley 
Necessary Proof by Camy Tang 
Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams **my favorite


This is a compilation of short stories. I enjoyed them; my favorite was the last story. What I liked: each story was short so they were quick to read and they focused on the start of a romance. What I didn't like is tied to the things I did like. Because they were short stories, I was able to finish one and then set it aside and pick it up later. This is a plus -- but also a downside as I don't really remember any one story resonating with me. Another drawback is that I did enjoy each story enough that I really wanted to see how the relationships grew and progressed. It would be wonderful to see each of the authors turn their story into a full-length novel.

I gave this book: 

★ = I did not like it     ★ = It was okay     ★ = I liked it    
★ = I really liked it     ★ = I loved it

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