Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Library Challenge - Library Scavenger Hunt

Library Scavenger Hunt - week of July 22

This challenge ended yesterday but when my library called that a book I had on hold was available we headed over this morning and I took the list with me. As we were getting ready to go I was telling my son about it and he shared that one of his recent reads had a library scavenger hunt in the book. He thought it would be fun to complete them - and then we could switch.

So we did!

1. Go to your favorite section of the library. Close your eyes and feel out, picking a random book. If it’s a book you haven’t read before, see if it’s one you would like and then check it out and read it.
I love to roam the stacks and browse book titles to read. Then I'll look at the cover and decide if I want to read it or not. I don't very often read the synopsis. Weird, but it works for me. I've read some really great stuff with this method. (And some just okay to blah stuff too). Closing my eyes to pick a book was a new twist. I did intentionally pick out a softback book - not sure why, maybe I was already tired of carrying books around? 
The History of Lucy's Love Life in Ten and a Half Chapters The History of Lucy's Love Life in Ten and a Half Chapters. The tag line says: Who would you date if you had a time machine? Not really sure what to expect out of this one!  
2. Go to a section of the library you’ve never been to and pick out a book you normally wouldn’t.
There is no section of the library that I've never been to. I ended up in the graphic novel section. I've visited it but never really picked up a book there. I requested the first issue of The Walking Dead last summer but the library had to have it sent over so it wasn't the same I guess. My husband and I like that show so wanted to compare the graphic novel to the TV show. Normally I don't go for guts on gore or manga, and at first glance, that is what I see in graphic novels. I did manage to find one that I am willing to try.
My son (who is 7) picked up a biography of Albert Einstein from the large-print section. It's huge but he is determined that he is going to read it. I'm torn between encouraging him and pointing him to a youth version because I don't want him to be frustrated by the reading level.
3. Talk to your reference librarian, ask them a question (or two), skip the computer and go straight to the source to help you find something.
I asked to be put on the list for the next Heroes of Olympus coming out in August (I think - maybe later in the fall though). 
4. If you normally use self checkout, go to an actual circulation clerk to check out. Or opposite.
We only have one option for checkout. I did stop by last week to pick up a book on hold and the beeper went off as I exited. I took the books back and the clerk made sure they all had a card and it still went off. I forgot that I had a book in my purse and was using the card as my bookmark. The card has to be in the pocket to cancel the beeper I guess. I wasn't really bothered or embarrassed by it until another clerk handed me a bookmark and suggested that I use it instead. 
5. Find a movie, CD, or other non-print item to check out.
I picked up a DVD of several children's books - the cover showed Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal who is one of my favorite authors. 
This was a super fun challenge! We also completed the scavenger hunt in my son's Nate the Great Stalks Stupidweed book and had fun with that. 
It is also the end of the summer reading program at our library so we picked up our last prizes. I think it is so great that the final prize is a book. We picked up a Magic Tree House book and a non-fiction book about gravity. The adult options are always pretty sparse so I always pick a children's book to round out our library.

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Kristen said...

Ooo! I hope you love Plain Janes, it's one of my favorite graphic novels. Also love the title you randomly selected for yourself! Hope you enjoy both!